Check out the sets and props we have available for you to use for your shoot.

The Clock Tower is a 16’x16′ space with a backlit clock face, wood floor and faux brick walls. One wall is solid back, while the opposite wall includes a door and window to compliment the spiral staircase.

The Dungeon is a dark, foreboding environment equipped with various implements of medieval torture.

The Haunted House is detailed with dripping, moldy walls, recycled floorboards and a host of antique props. The room can dress up as an office, a living room, a bedroom and more, depending on the props you chose.

The Boiler Room is set up with pipes, conduit and an awesome scissor gate to throw light though. Lots of texture to create depth and mystery in your shots.

The pure white perfection of the cyclorama is perfect for fashion, beauty, portraiture, product shots and more. We charge an extra $75 maintenance fee to use this area.

Our Fairy Forest backdrop is set up in our Lobby. This backdrop measures 10’x14′ and works best with wide angle lenses.

Our props can move from one set to the other, and most of them are on wheels to make the job easier.