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Tatiana Pomar

Welcome to my World where anyone can be anything …

Im a Brazilian scorpio, lover of all things beauty living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At the age of seventeen I graduated Fashion School at  Universidade Veiga de Almeida in Rio de Janeiro, where I proceeded to work with wardrobe for theatre and awakened a passion for art.The same year I was invited to be the Director of Beauty at a photography studio and an online magazine where I co-ordinated wardrobe, hair and makeup.

In my free time I took a number of freelance makeup and hair jobs for weddings, editorials, creatives, promotions, parties, social events, marketing companies, shows, theatre and movies.You name it ! I did it!

In 2014 after long years of planning, I finally enrolled in Complections International School of makeup artistry and Design in Toronto, Canada. For eight months I learned on an international level HD makeup, airbrushing, SPFX, and creature design.

I came to Las Vegas when my boyfriend at the time proposed to me and LOVE is always my priority! As of now we are building with all my heart my very own MONSTER GARAGE. There I have a convection oven, a de-humidifier,  a charcoal filter and all the imagination in the world to make all of mine and your dreams come true!

Im living proof that we can materialize our deepest desires and make your life magical.  Don’t hold back, don’t think twice, be everything today!

Tatiana Pomar




Brides - $250

Bridesmaids - $120

Beauty HMUA at my home - $60

Beauty HMUA in studio + 1hr - $80

Wardrobe + HMUA 3hrs in Studio - $160

Makeup / Hair classes 3hrs -  $80 each

SPFX/Prosthetic and Creature design - $$

Headpieces- $20 - $50

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