Studio Rental

Our private studio is available for rental for $400 per day. Locals and repeat customers pay only $250!

Contact to confirm booking. Your reservation is not confirmed until deposit is paid. Short notice bookings (less than one week notice) must be booked via email and paid for in advance.

Studio Features:

  • Themed shooting scenes/sets (more coming)
  • Seamless area with Vinyl backdrop and tileboard floor
  • Paper seamless in White, Grey, Black, Peach, Blue and Pink
  • Nearby graffiti alleys and urban locations in Las Vegas Arts District
  • Wireless Internet
  • Wardrobe rack
  • Garment Steamer/Iron
  • Stereo w/ AUX in and Pandora/AirPlay
  • Makeup/Wardrobe
  • Restroom
  • Light Meter
  • Film: 35mm, 120, Fuji FP, Polaroid, Instax
  • Light Stands and Modifiers free to use with your lights or ours
  • The only equipment you need to bring is a camera and a subject to photograph

Studio rental is $400 for the day. We offer a rate of $250 per day to locals and returning customers.
Half day is $200/$125 local
$25 trim fee for soiled seamless
AlienBee Studio strobes available rent ($25 extra for duration of studio rental)
Rentals are considered on a case by case basis and we will do our best to accommodate all requests.