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Fae D Cay in the Murder Room. Photo by Curtis Joe Walker.

Photo Bang Bang Photography Workshops

We have a regular schedule of photographic workshops that cover variety of topics including lighting, posing, composition, boudoir, makeup, fashion, and more. If you have any suggestions, the class structure is highly flexible and we will do our best to accommodate your ideas!

We also offer on-demand workshops to fit your schedule. Book now and bring up to 4 guests for $450. 

One-on-one Sessions Available

Workshop students who book models from their classes get a flat rate of $25 for that rental. Ask about same day bookings. (Model fee extra)

Class Structure

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Shelby Love in our vintage living room set. Photo by Curtis Joe Walker.

The classes are limited in size so that everyone has a chance to work with the models. The first portion of the class consists of instruction and theory while observing a studio lighting setup come together. For classes focusing on Makeup, there will be an optional pre-class to observe the makeup process. Following the instruction period, students will have an hour of open lab shooting using the setup from class. Following class, students may choose to print images on our high quality printer for $5 each. These dye sublimated images are archival and waterproof immediately after printing. They’re a great way to commemorate your shoot and a lot more satisfying to hold and look at than a digital device!


Rin in the Chambre. Photo by Magliris Photography

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