Dreams have turned to nightmares! Introducing: The TERROR! Chambre

We have completed a collaboration with set designer Joel Spencer to create a blood covered Shangri-La that we will be shooting in until Halloween. We’re partnering with the Pollygrind Film Festival and theatre7 on Oct 7 First Friday to capture their zombies inside the room. We will be open from 6pm-10pm. Swing by!

Watch our trailer…

The Photo Bang Bang Torture Chamber from Marcos Rivera on Vimeo.


Does this room inspire you? Our neighbor, 222 Imperial Gallery is hosting a show called 10,000 Skeletons. If you’ve got an idea you’ve been dying to let out, but never had the right location, maybe this is it. We’ll certainly be using it to let a few skeletons out of our closets.

In addition to commissioned work and collaborations, the space is also available for rent at $125 per hour. Please contact us for more details:


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