Curtis Walker in Flight

Photographer: Curtis Joe Walker

1332656459Curtis Joe Walker is our General Manager. Raised in Las Vegas, and a 3rd generation native, he is a source of insight into the Arts District and Las Vegas in general. He will likely be the person you meet at the studio for your studio rental, or when you stop by at one of our always enjoyable First Friday events. An experienced and talented photographer in his own right, he is available for hire for commercial, editorial and custom character portraits. He’s always willing to lend a hand with art direction, assisting and lighting.

In Feb 2011, his debut show with fellow Vegas photographer Diane Bush at Brett Wesley Gallery entitled Life & Times juxtaposed images of youth from the two, separated by 30 years.

Curtis enjoys shooting analog cameras as well as digital. He is responsible for our small selection of new Lomo cameras (But we can order the anything they make that you want, and give you a discount!). He also keeps us stocked with Fuji FP-100C film and Polaroids and some expired roll films.

His work has been published internationally Professional Photographer MagazineDviceGizmodoFleshbot and Jalopnik. His work has also appeared in/on Wired,Io9ConsumeristDeviantNationViceBoinkUrb and King. Originally connecting with the press world through his personal lifelong fascination with trade shows dating back to the 1980’s when his mother and sister were Electronic Arts booth babes and scored an entire collection of EA Atari games. If your publication needs a day rate freelancer who know’s his stuff, ask about the “Avatar Journalism” system he designed for Mashable. Think of him as an immediate delivery photo commando on the front lines, shipping high quality, professionally shot images directly to your editor as they are taken.

His other areas of expertise (and occasionally income):

  • Computer hardware and software installation, networking, integration, troubleshooting and repair. Mac/PC and all forms of gadgetry.
  • Acting (in addition to action, production photos, stand in and background work. No directing yet!)
  • Writing of any kind. Curtis has reviewed everything from toilet seats to Tesla Roadsters professionally and has reached millions and millions of readers, online and in print.
  • Typewriter repair and instruction
  • LED lighting
  • Design consultation and awesomeness adjustments. Skills honed over 15+ years as an operations manager at the Telluride Film Festival
  • Teaching, both individually or in a class/workshop environment
  • Security and surveillance
  • Sustainable Desert Habitation

Mashable Photographer Time Lapse from Mashable on Vimeo.

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