Jumping into the 21st Century

The latest addition to our studio is the addition of DSL. Until now, we’d been using Clear WiMax. It’s never been great, but the price was right (we had them down to $30 a month). CenturyLink mailed me a flyer promising 10mbps for $30 a month. Clear runs at 1mbps for the same price.

Turns out, this price is only valid for residential users, however. Fortunately, our shop was already in the system as a residence, so presto. I put in the order. The modem arrived a few days later, but none of our jacks seemed to work. So, I called and found out that the lines hadn’t been activated yet. That was yesterday. Today, I rolled up and saw a guy in a CenturyLink van, up in a bucket, working on the lines. He said I’d be good to go. After an hour of troubleshooting, we discovered that there wasn’t any phone wiring in the building.

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Time for an actual post

Well the Photo Bang Bang site has been up long enough… so it’s time to change this “Welcome to Photo Bang Bang” post and start to blog a bit about what is going on at Photo Bang Bang and what’s in store.

I guess the first thing we should mention is our new facade. Joel Spencer of Happenstance Studios over at 222 E Imperial painted the facade of the building. He did a kick-ass job. Joel offers a variety of Creative Services. He builds, paints and has had a hand in the aesthetic of many of our storefronts downtown.

As you will be able to see by navigating through the site, we are offering studio rental at really low prices for local Las Vegas photographers, both professionals and students alike. You can also hire Marcos or Curtis (as always) for a variety of photo work.

COMING SOON we are going to be offering lighting workshops at Photo Bang Bang. You’ll actually learn something in this lighting workshop though, not just show up with your camera and take photos of girls with no instruction.

Okay, that’s it for now… we’ll try to make sure it isn’t six months until the next post.