March 11 Studio Lighting workshop

This workshop will be taught by Photo Bang Bang owner, Curtis Joe Walker.

Students will receive 30 minutes of instruction followed by 60 minutes of shared shooting time open lab. This is an opportunity for experimentation and co-learning.

After this, we will give the model a break and a chance to change outfits while we begin a second period of instructive setup and explanation of lighting theory while the scene is being lit. 

Following this second 30 minute lecture period will be another 60 minute open lab.

We have 5 seats available total.


Lighting Workshop: Boudoir and Fetish

2.25.2017 – 11am-2pm
This lighting workshop will focus on lighting a subject in a small location using the Chambre set and our Boiler Room set. Curtis will set up lights while giving instruction on his methods and tools used. Following this 30 minute period of instruction will be 60 minutes of time shooting with the model in the setup. After this first 90 minutes, we will give the model a break while Curtis moves lights into the Boiler Room set.
We will be shooting boudoir style implied nudes in the Chambre with the claw foot bathtub. We will shoot fetish themed glamour in the Boiler Room.
Students must bring a camera that has manual settings and a hot shoe (or sync port for off camera flash).
Our model Fae D Cay is an experienced cosplay and fantasy model.
Students receive a $25 off future half day or full day rental.

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