Dreams have turned to nightmares! Introducing: The TERROR! Chambre

We have completed a collaboration with set designer Joel Spencer to create a blood covered Shangri-La that we will be shooting in until Halloween. We’re partnering with the Pollygrind Film Festival and theatre7 on Oct 7 First Friday to capture their zombies inside the room. We will be open from 6pm-10pm. Swing by!

Watch our trailer…
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I was booked by Mashable to photograph CES for them using a technology workflow that allows me to work with a remote writer, feeding him photos, voice, video and data in real time. He works from the comfort of his home, as do I, more or less.

CES is a lot of fun and really important to the city and it’s relevance aside from gaming. It allows for me to see what’s out there and what’s possible. So far, I see that Motorola has reinvented the PC, by making one out of a phone and that Intel is about to bring an amazing amount of power to the scene with their new 2nd Generation Core processors. Things like Video editing and RAW photo editing are nothing to this new architecture. Everything is about to get really awesomer.

I even got to put my hands on the new Nikon D7000 at a press event. Holy shit, this is a great camera. Ken Rockwell knows way more about it than me, and even he seems to gush about the perfection of the $1200 lust magnet.

It’s free and open to the public, but you have to register long in advance. Do so at CESWEB.ORG. Sign up for their email list so you don’t forget next year!

Downside: Fuggeddabout First Friday Festivities Featuring Free Facebook Fotos.

Jumping into the 21st Century

The latest addition to our studio is the addition of DSL. Until now, we’d been using Clear WiMax. It’s never been great, but the price was right (we had them down to $30 a month). CenturyLink mailed me a flyer promising 10mbps for $30 a month. Clear runs at 1mbps for the same price.

Turns out, this price is only valid for residential users, however. Fortunately, our shop was already in the system as a residence, so presto. I put in the order. The modem arrived a few days later, but none of our jacks seemed to work. So, I called and found out that the lines hadn’t been activated yet. That was yesterday. Today, I rolled up and saw a guy in a CenturyLink van, up in a bucket, working on the lines. He said I’d be good to go. After an hour of troubleshooting, we discovered that there wasn’t any phone wiring in the building.

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