Retro Chambre

We’ve cleaned up the blood stains and taken The Chambre back to the 70’s. Wood panels recycled from another Arts District remodel, carpet salvaged from Carpets Galore, curtains from my childhood bedroom, taxidermy on loan from Paid2Play Kre8tions and a host of new antique props that enable us to change the character of the room to suit a wide variety of shoots.

So far, we’ve been paying homage to Elmer Batters, Chas Ray Krider, Bob Coulter and every photographer who appreciates anachronisms, and stark smuttiness.

Arts District Community members can contact Curtis for a FREE PORTRAIT SITTING. You’ll walk away with a digital version of your portrait and have the no-obligation option to purchase prints, collectibles, cards, etc. Come express yourself! Want to sum up your 2011 in a single photo? Want to send your mom a photo of yourself? Don’t be a chump, get your ass in here.

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